ISRO aim to launch 103 satellites in one go


ISRO aim to launch 103 satellites in one go, on February 15, 2017.The space agency ISRO is finally ready for to beat world record with launching 103 satellite in one go since it was announced on 4th of January ,2017. This was a huge challenge to whole world, this scale has  never been done before.

The launch vehicle PSLV- C37 will lift of from Sriharikota with three big and 100 small satellites belongs to US,other nations including Germany and France.

The weight of these small satellites payload will be 1350Kgs,S.Somnath, Director of the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre of the ISRO.

The Russia has highest record lanched 37 satellites at a go in 2014, The us space agency NASA lauched 29.

The idea at first to separate the satellites in different stages at different velocities. The date yet is to confirm but it was set on 15h of February day.

Akatsuki no yona

Akatsuki no yona

Akatsuki no yona:Princess yona face an unexpected fate, his father killed. The kingdom fallen and tried to assassinate her. Hawk general rescued yona and escape from the palace.
They met oracle who call himself priest. He passed the heavens will to yona to find the four dragons.princess journey starts to search for four dragons. Those who posses dragon powers born as human.
In ancient time dragons give blood to four royal guards to help the crimson heir king. As time passes the king passed away. The four dragons went on their own from palace.

The blood line continues with dragon powers in each generation . One day king soul comes to earth. They can aid four dragon powers to child  born with crimson heir.

My top anime series all time from best ranked sites

1.Fairy Tail(2014)


  •             This series is very fun to watch with mages fights for justice in magic world. The whole series run with 16 year girl Lucy with Natsu who most powerful mage in fairy tail.
  • The characters in this series are very good and one of top 5 anime series all time.The series contains action,adventure,fantasy and romance.




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2.Sword art Online


  • Anime series about online game type and players trapped inside game.
  • where ten thousands of players logged on to server to a mysterious game called ”Sword art Online”.
  • Players trapped inside the game. The main character Kirito end the game and save many people.
  • The whole series contains action,adventure,game and romance.




3.No game no life(2014)



  • No game no life anime centers around brother and sister names shiro and sora. They are legendary NEET in games.
  • Shiro and sora summoned to alternate world runs with game rules
  • The world consists of 16 countries each one like chess piece on chess board.
  • They starts playing on humanity side and gathering 16 chess pieces to challenge god named Tet.


4.High School DXD(2012)


The story goes with Issei Hyoda normal school guy died on his first date. He became powerful  devil and serves to Raisu. the whole series contains harem,romance,school and ecchi.